2023 Convention Credentialing Rules

Delegate credentials:

  1. Credentials committee shall be composed of the Executive Committee of the Idaho Young Republicans
  2. Qualifications to be an eligible delegate of the Idaho Young Republicans Convention
    1. Delegates must register no less than 7 days in advance of the Convention
    2. Registrations must include all of the following information as identified on their Idaho voter registration:
      1. Legal first and last name
      2. Address
      3. Phone Number
      4. Email Address
      5. Birthday
    3. Delegates must be a qualified, Republican Voter in the State of Idaho at least 7 days prior to the convention.
    4. Delegates must be a current member of the Idaho Young Republicans and meet the criteria outlined in the bylaws of the Idaho Young Republicans.
    5. If a delegate provides an address different than what is on their Idaho voter registration, they must provide identification or proof they live at the new address.
  3. Article 9 of the Idaho Young Republican Bylaws shall govern the Convention
    1. No proxy votes will be allowed.
    2. All Delegates must validate credentials and provide the unique delegate code sent to them to vote.

*Convention rules approved by the Idaho Young Republicans executive team January 2023.

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