Section 1: The official name of the organization shall be the Idaho Young Republican Federation.
Section 2: The accepted abbreviation shall be IYRF and the accepted short name shall be Idaho Young Republicans. Use hereinafter of the accepted abbreviation or short name are adopted as references to the Idaho Young Republican Federation.


Section 1: The Idaho Young Republicans are comprised of activists throughout the state. Our aim is to develop young conservative voices that energetically and effectively support Republican candidates and policies. Our objectives include:
(a) Developing an intelligent, aggressive and effective Republican volunteer organization dedicated to growing the Republican party by holding fast to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace;
(b) Encouraging young people to pursue leadership positions in Idaho communities and to run for political office;
(c) Supporting and participating in the development of the Republican party’s platform and policies;
(d) Bringing young people into the Republican party by providing them with opportunities for leadership, political expression and recognition;
(e) Helping elect Republicans to public office;
(f) Promoting good government at all levels.


Section 1: Individuals between the age of eighteen (18) and forty (40) inclusive who are registered to vote in Idaho and affiliated with the Republican Party are eligible for membership. An individual becomes a member by paying dues of ten dollars ($10) for general membership or seven dollars ($7) for a student, in addition to submitting a form indicating the applicant’s name, address, phone number, and email address. Once submitted to the IYRF, the Chairman shall accept the application if the applicant meets the qualifications established herein and have the Secretary enter said the applicant’s information in a database. The duration of membership in the IYRF is from the time the Chairman accepts application and dues until the adjournment of the next convention.
Section 2: An IYRF member may not have membership revoked without a unanimous vote of the IYRF Executive Board.
Section 3: Any former member of the IYRF, who remained a member in good standing, shall be considered IYRF members emeritus, and shall remain continuously entitled to the rights and privileges of IYRF members. Such status may only be revoked by unanimous vote of the Executive Board, with ratification of such revocation allowed only at IYRF conventions.
Section 4: Members emeritus shall not have voting rights or be allowed to be office holders within the organization, but shall be allowed as members after submitting $35.00 membership fee.
Section 5: Any Idaho Republican office holder may be nominated as an “honorary member” of the IYRF by a member of the Executive Board and accepted as voted on by a majority of the Executive Board.


Section 1: IYRF Executive Board members must be an IYRF member and be registered to vote in the State of Idaho.
Section 2: Members emeritus shall not be allowed to be office holders.


Section 1: IYRF shall be operated and managed by an Executive Board consisting of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, National Committeeman and National Committeewoman.
Section 2: The Executive Board shall be elected at each biennial convention by a majority of delegates with nominations made from the floor. The terms of Executive Board officers shall last from the time of election until a successor is elected or appointed.
Section 3: Vacancies on the Executive Board will be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Executive Board.
Section 4: Members of the Executive Board are expected to attend IYRF meetings, functions, conventions, etc. or communicate with the Chairman an inability to attend any meeting, function, convention, etc.
Section 5: The Executive Board shall be required to act ethically and morally.
Section 6: Resignations shall be made in writing or via e-mail to the Executive Board.
Section 7: In the event a member of the Executive Board fails to perform duties as defined in IYRF by-laws the Executive Board may choose to remove the person by unanimous consent of the remaining members of the Executive Board at a duly called meeting of the Executive Board.
Section 8: A quorum is a majority of the Executive Board whether in person or by proxy.
Section 9: Proxy: An IYRF Executive Board officer may by provide another Executive
Board officer with a written or e-mailed proxy. Each proxy shall be a separate document and shall state the name of the IYRF Executive Board Officer who will be absent, the name of the person who will be present and will exercise said proxy, and the meeting for which the proxy is conferred. The original written or e-mailed proxy shall be in the physical possession of the person who will be present and exercising said proxy, and surrendered to the Secretary at the commencement of said meeting. Persons voting by proxy count toward the quorum requirement of the IYRF Executive Board.
Section 10: Meeting notification shall be made in writing or via e-mail within 3 days of the meeting unless business of the meeting shall include filling of a vacancy, removal of a person from office, or an amendment of by-laws, in which 10 business days notice is required.


Section 1: Chairman: The Chairman shall call and preside over all meetings of the IYRF
Executive Board. The Chairman shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the IYRF and shall exercise general supervision over the work and activities of the IYRF. The Chairman may appoint positions and committees that shall serve at the pleasure of the Chairman.
Section 2: Vice Chairman: The Vice Chairman shall perform such duties as directed by the Chairman. In the event the Chairman is temporarily absent or unable to perform his/her duties, the Vice Chairman shall preside and perform the duties of the chairman.
Section 3: Secretary: The Secretary shall be the recording and corresponding officer of the IYRF. The Secretary shall perform such additional duties as assigned by the Chairman. The Secretary shall record and distribute records from meetings, conventions and other functions and be responsible for maintaining all IYRF records, including but not limited to historical records, media records and membership database.
Section 4: Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive and account for the funds of the IYRF under the supervision and discretion of the IYRF Executive Board. The Treasurer shall make an annual financial report to the IYRF Executive Board. The Treasurer, at the IYRF Executive Board meeting following election shall submit a budget for the term, subject to approval by the IYRF Executive Board. The Treasurer shall disperse IYRF funds, as directed by the IYRF Chairman in accordance with the budget approval by the IYRF Executive Board.
Section 5: National Committeeman and National Committeewoman: The National Committeeman and National Committeewoman shall represent the IYRF on the National Committee, shall be a spokesperson for the IYRF to the National Committee, shall convey National Committee Policy to the IYRF, and shall carry out all other duties and responsibilities as they may see fit to properly represent the IYRF.


Section 1: Regions will be defined in accordance with the seven (7) State Regions for the State of Idaho as defined in the Idaho State Republican Party Rules.
Section 2: Region organizations may begin the chartering process by submitting a letter to the IYR Executive Board identifying a slate of officers for the region.
Section 3: Upon preliminary written approval from the Executive Board, the region shall have 60 days to submit the following to the Executive Board:
(a) Region by-laws, not to conflict with IYRF or NYRF by-laws, to the Executive Committee for approval. Adoption of state by-laws is also acceptable.
(b) Meeting minutes from at least one meeting as an organized body, indicating election of officers. c. Names, addresses, telephone numbers and birth dates of all Regional officers and members.
Section 4: When Section 3 of this Article has been submitted to the Executive Board, the Board shall vote at
its next regular meeting on whether to grant a charter to the granting Regional Young Republican Organization.
Section 5: Each chartered Regional Young Republican organization shall submit to the
Secretary of the IYRF, no later than March 31 of each year, in a format determined by the Executive Board Secretary, a current list of its officers and membership including the name, address, phone number, email address and birth date.
Section 6: No more than one Regional Young Republican Organization shall be granted Charter in a Region.


Section 1:. The IYRF is required to conduct at least one meeting annually of the membership in addition to regularly scheduled conventions as defined in these by-laws.


Section 1: Conventions will occur in conjunction with the Idaho Republican Party State Central Committee meeting held in January of odd numbered years, or some other convenient time and location that the Executive Board timely designates in that month.
Section 2: The IYRF Executive Board shall have supervision and management of all Conventions of the IYRF and shall create the official program and order of business.
Section 3: Meeting notification shall be mailed or e-mailed by the Secretary of the IYRF,
including the time and place of the Convention to the membership of the IYRF and Executive Board at least 30 days prior to the date of the convention.
Section 4: The officers of each Convention shall be the officers of the IYRF.
Section 5: The Chairman shall appoint a Credentials Committee, the procedure for determination of which shall be approved by the IYRF Executive Board 14 days prior to the convention.
Section 6: Delegates of a convention shall be IYRF the general membership.
Section 7: Credentials need to be received no later than 7 days prior to convention and shall include age, name, address, phone number, and e-mail address , The IYRF Secretary shall confirm IYRF membership upon receiving credentials.
Section 8: The IYRF Board shall ensure Delegates not physically present at Convention can vote at Convention through electronic or telephonic means.
Section 9: Resolutions and other motions shall be accepted from the floor.
Section 10: No Delegate shall address the Convention for longer than five (5) minutes at one time, except as provided in the orders of the day or by a majority vote of the Delegates of the Convention.

Section 1: The fiscal term of the IYRF shall be the calendar year (January 1 – December 31).
Section 2: The IYRF have an annual financial report presented to the IYRF Executive Board.
Section 3: The IYRF Executive Board shall institute a double entry system of accounts.
Section 4: A budget shall be submitted to the IYRF Executive Board at a meeting following election for the upcoming term. This budget shall be subject to approval by the IYRF Executive Board.
Section 5: Each budget shall specify the purpose and the amount of each appropriation and include a statement of estimated revenues.
Section 6: IYRF funds shall only be dispersed as directed by the IYRF Chairman in accordance with the budget approval by the IYRF Executive Board.
Section 7: IYRF funds shall be made by check or other commonly accepted disbursement
practice which provides for accountability.


Section 1: The IYRF shall follow the dispute resolution procedures as defined in the Young Republican National Federation, Inc. by-laws.


Section 1: Roberts Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not otherwise specifically stated.


Section 1: Any convention delegate may propose an amendment to the bylaws by submitting a proposed amendment in electronic form to the IYRF Secretary or Chairman at least twenty-one (21) days before the convention. No delegate may submit more than two (2) proposed amendments at a convention. The IYRF Secretary will circulate copies of each proposed amendment, if any, to the email address of record to each delegate at least seven (7) days prior to the convention. Proposed amendments will be adopted by majority vote of the convention.
Section 2: When the IYRF is not meeting in convention, the IYRF Executive Board may adopt amendments to the bylaws with a two-thirds (2/3) vote. The IYRF Secretary will circulate any proposed amendment to the email address of record for each IYRF member. The IYRF Executive Board may not take final action on a proposed amendment until ten (10) days after the proposed amendment was circulated to IYRF members. If no action is taken by the Executive Board within thirty (30) days after circulating the proposed amendments to IYRF membership, the proposed amendment will be deemed to not have been adopted.
Section 3: No single proposed amendment, whether proposed by a delegate at convention or by the IYRF Executive Board, may delete, add, or alter language in more than one article of these bylaws. In order for a proposed amendment to be adopted, it must be voted on individually and meet the voting thresholds established in this article.

14.1 The style guide for the IYRF bylaws is as follows:
Article: Article I, Article II, Article III, Article IV
Section: Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4
Subsection: (a) (b) (c) (d)
Paragraph: (1) (2) (3) (4)
Subparagraph: (A) (B) (C) (D)
Clause: (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)
14.2 The Chairman and the IYRF Executive Board will ensure that the bylaws and any proposed amendments to the bylaws comply with the style guide in this article.

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