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County Chapter Memorandum

To Idaho Young Republicans

We need to continue to build and organize a strong statewide structure of active Young Republicans. The best way to begin this is to build and identify county-wide organizations.


You, as an Idaho Young Republican, have to ability to do so in your county, region, town, or city. Here are the requirements to be counted as an official young republican organization:

1 – Election of Officers: each chapter should have a president, vice president, and events coordinator. If possible or wanted. Other officers as determined by the local chapter may be.

2 – Name: Each chapter must have a name. Examples would be “Your County Young Republicans” or “Pocatello Young Republican chapter.”

3 – Draft and approve a constitution/bylaws: A sample constitution for your reference is included at the end of this document. Note: your constitution should reflect the needs and desires of your local chapter and therefore can be divergent from the sample included.

4 – State Registration: Once formed your organization needs to notify the Idaho Young Republican Executive Board. Please Contact us via email: [email protected], and attach contact information for your executive board and your chapter’s constitution.

Notes & Ideas:

1 – Set goals as an organization of your purpose and mission.

2 – Once you are organized we will build a page for your chapter on the Idaho YR website under a tab for local chapters so others can find you. The state organization will also provide your chapter with a banner and other supplies to help you get started.

3 – You Must make an effort to Involve all the Young Republicans in your area. The Idaho YR board can provide our list of local contacts that we have on file, use Facebook and other means as much as possible to publicize yourselves.

4 – Hold meetings and events.

5 – Once we have multiple organizations formed, The Idaho Young Republicans will be holding state-wide calls discussing state information and your own county issues and questions.

6 Don’t forget to work together with your local County GOP Central Committee or legislative district Republicans. These organizations have veteran organizers and people who know the political cast of the community. They also probably have a vested interest in seeing a chapter of the Young Republicans blossom in their area. They should be more than willing to help and might even be able to give you some other ideas. There are Republicans in your area that have access to resources like meeting spaces that they’ll share with you ask. If nothing else, you can target your efforts in the beginning toward the young people already active in existing Republican organizations, since you know they want to get involved.

Notes on Organization and Meetings:

Here is a link from the National YR Organization which is a well-outlined resource on how to put together and organization and continue onward, see page 8 and on for reference on how to organize your chapter.

The Idaho Young Republican Organization:

The Idaho Young Republican executive board can be a great resource to you. Also, the state organization can be a great template on how to build a local chapter.

Our Website:
Contact us: [email protected]

We are more than willing to come to visit and help organize you are county also. Just let us know. Thank you for your interest in building your county organization. We are excited to work with you and look forward to helping in any way possible.

Thank you again,
The Idaho Young Republican Executive Board

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